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Machine Vision Power Controller And LED Light
Low Angle Diffuse Ring Light Unit (RO Series)
Low Angle Diffuse Ring Light Unit (RO Series) 產品特點
  • RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, UV, IR are all in available
  • Allowing for reflecting object
  • Allowing to choose different sizes for the object
  • Allowing for strobe requirement
  • Accepting customize request
        Application example 
  • IC chip inspection & substrate part inspection
  • Visual inspection of wafers
  • Solder inspection & connector pitch inspection
  • Inspection for BGAs and QFPs


Low Angle Diffuse Ring Light Unit-Indirect Lighting

  • By using these Low Angle diffuse ring light unit will easily to identify the edge of the object and detected reflecting material for any engraving, scratch or damage surface. 
  • RO series are only design with aperture Ǿ11, which suitable for Marco Lenses use. Through diffusion ring light-guiding with wide range of emitting area, which able to covering the entire object.
Illumination Structure

Note! Actual current value displays on the product label.


Model Color 12V 24V mA(12V) Power Consumption(12V) Outer Inner Note
ROR -05411 Red V  83 1W 54 11  
ROW-05411 White V V 233 2.8W 54 11 warm white
ROB -05411 Blue V V 233 2.8W 54 11  
ROG -05411 Green V V 233 2.8W 54 11  
ROU -05411 Ultraviolet V V T.B.D. T.B.D. 54 11  
ROI   -05411 Infrared V T.B.D. T.B.D. 54 11  

Note!The third character means color: R= Red、W=White、B=Blue、G=Green、U=Ultraviolet、I=Infrared、D=Diffuser 

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